At Get Into Guitar we genuinely deploy only the best and most inspirational teachers going. Invite us to run a guitar assembly in your school and we will inspire children of all backgrounds and abilities to grab a guitar and go for it. Our model is built on fostering extremely positivity relationships and delivering expertly crafted lessons that really motivate children to practise hard. Underpinning this is our truly original and exciting curriculum built by teachers who really understand children and how they think.

My name is Paul Curtis. I have been teaching children the guitar for 10 years. As a qualified teacher I am experienced at formally educating children in an academic sense, as well as teaching them on guitar. As a result I have developed a range of strategies, activities and tasks to maintain and develop children’s concentration, motivation and love of playing the guitar. This carefully crafted method is replicated by our teachers in all the schools we work in.

I have found that group guitar lessons have certain benefits over the traditional 1-to-1 method. They are:

– Much cheaper for the student.
– More fun, sociable and inspirational.
– More interactive, and allow for collaboration.
– More motivational, as students are inspired by each other.
– Allow for playing together as a band.

Throughout our lessons we offer expert tuition every step of the way. We are experienced in differentiating the lessons to ensure each student is suitably challenged but not over-faced. We provide a fun, relaxed and patient approach to teaching, and take a great deal of interest and care in getting to know our students and what motivates them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Curtis – BA (Hons), PGCE, DBS Certificate