We are thrilled your child has taken up guitar lessons with us. We will do our best to make them entertaining, fresh and engaging. Eventually your child will need their own guitar for practising at home in order for them to progress more quickly.

Buying a Guitar

1 – When buying a guitar for primary age children the first thing is to make sure you buy a 3/4 size guitar. If your child is especially short or tall you may consider a 1/2 size or full size. This is a choice we can help you with.

2 – The next thing to decide is whether to get an acoustic or electric guitar. Either is absolutely fine to learn on. Electric guitars are a bit more expensive but we have found children are most likely to stick at learning if they are playing the type of guitar they prefer. I would make sure your child has tried out both types of guitar during our lessons before they choose one or the other.

3 – If your child is left handed you will need to make sure you search for a left handed guitar because they are strung differently. Unfortunately there are slightly less options for left handers when it comes to buying one.

4 – Finally getting a strap and a carry bag is important too. Straps are very important to keep the guitar in position while playing and prevent the guitar sliding away from the child. Carry cases/bags offer some protection for the instrument and can be carried easily or even worn like a backpack.

Guitar Maintenance

1 – When you buy a new guitar it will need tuning several times while the strings stretch and ‘settle in’. Please see our Practice Guide on how to do this at home. Our teachers will also tune all of the guitars at the beginning of every session.

2 – If your child’s guitar needs a new set of strings we will supply and fit them for £10. We also supply and fit guitar straps for £5. If your child needs a new string or snaps one please encourage them to bring their guitar into school and we will fit a new string free of charge.

Which Guitar To Buy?

There are a lot of options out there and unfortunately there are a lot of cheap guitars that are poorly made, sound bad, are hard to play and are not really fit for purpose. However there are great options too! Below are our current suggestions.

Acoustic Guitars

3/4 Classical Guitar by Gear For Music


Pros – Well made, and offers a decent sound for the budget price.

Cons – The sound could be brighter.


3/4 Classical Guitar by Valencia

Please run an internet search for a competitive price. Prices can fluctuate between £60-90.

Pros – A brilliant, warm sounding guitar with great sustain. This means the notes ring for a long time.

Cons – We can’t really fault this guitar.

Electric Guitars

3/4 LA Electric guitar by Gear for Music


Pros – This guitar is lightweight making it comfortable and easy to play. Good value for money.

Cons – Can sound a little out of tune when playing open chords (due to intonation issues)


Jackson JS Series Dinky Minion JS1X or Squier Mini Stratocaster.
These guitars offer a better sound and build quality to the 3/4 LA Electric guitar by Gear for Music. Please run an internet search for a competitive price.

Squier Bullet Mustang.
If your child is a bit bigger and stronger, (Y5-Y6) they may want to consider this guitar. It’s a little heavier but sounds great and is very playable. Please run an internet search for a competitive price.