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At Get Into Guitar we offer the most fun and inspiring guitar lessons around. With a 95% student retention rate from one year to the next, we unearth the musician in every pupil to ensure they are seriously motivated to learn. Our success in turning students into musicians is derived from our carefully crafted teaching methods and child-centered Get Into Guitar curriculum. For every session we provide quality acoustic and electric guitars tuned and ready to go.

“I have seen Get Into Guitar teaching in our school for the last 6 years and it is clear how much the children enjoy the lessons and how they are inspired to practise at home because they want to improve. The teaching is well thought out, and is linked to songs which the children love. I would highly recommend them”. (Julie Beardwell – Headteacher – Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School)

“Get Into Guitar are brilliant. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. They have been teaching guitar groups in our school for 10 years and they are always extremely popular. The children are motivated with really fun challenges and rewards and the teacher is a lovely, reliable person to work with” (Carmel Holland – Music Coordinator – Tranmere Park Primary School)

“Jude has absolutely adored his guitar lessons. He was an absolute beginner with no prior knowledge of how to play. Now he practises every spare minute he has at home with his own guitar(s)! Jude can’t wait for his sessions and comes home each week desperate to show us what he has learned. He’s even been teaching his younger brother the basics! I can’t recommend Get into Guitar enough. Fantastic”. (Parent – Shadwell Primary School)

“Tilly loves her weekly guitar lessons. She comes home with a new song in her repertoire nearly every week which she revels in playing to me as soon as we arrive home. Learning with Get Into Guitar has given her confidence in her musical abilities as well as an increased awareness of music in general. The fact that she can go from not having heard a song before to playing it fluently within 1 half an hour session amazes me and is testament to Mr Curtis’s teaching”. (Parent – Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School)

“The weekly guitar lessons have had such a positive impact on my child’s confidence and
ability to believe he can do it! This is because the sessions are made fun and in an environment where it is ok to learn from mistakes, ask questions and give it a go. He thoroughly enjoys the sessions and is making good progress which has resulted in him believing that he can do it”.

All of our teachers are hand-picked specifically for their authenticity and ability to inspire children. At our core is the intention to provide much more than guitar lessons. We foster extremely positive relationships with our students to build confidence, a sense of belonging, heightened aspirations and musical joy! Our teachers are role models for the children in their care, and all are qualified primary school teachers and/or qualified musicians.

“My daughter has recently started guitar lessons with Get Into Guitar, and was very happy to find they have both right and left handed guitars for the kids to use (she’s left handed). She is really enjoying the lessons & loves telling us what new songs she has been learning. It really helps that they’re all songs that she’s heard of. She loves going and is full of confidence – you can’t ask for more than that!” (Parent – Rawdon St Peters Primary School)

“Every week our son goes to school content on a Tuesday happy in the knowledge that Paul’s class is on. Paul has absolutely the right pitch with all children and the children naturally feel it. He is relaxed and engaged when he is teaching, and his music choices introduce the children to songs they may not have heard before (plus I love them!)”. (Parent – Rawdon St Peters Primary School)

“I have had 3 of my children learn with Get Into Guitar and they have all thoroughly enjoyed
the experience. They went from non musicians to being able to read music and play chords.
I saw their confidence and self belief grow. The group lessons also benefited them by
teaching them how to work well with their peers to achieve a shared goal”.

“It’s hard to believe how much they learn and how quickly in this group setting – my older
daughter is so inspired by the teaching she comes up with her own tunes and loves the chance to be part of ‘band’ with classmates – it brings them together in ways that excite them and engage them to build skills, confidence and performance ability. They are encouraged to notice and celebrate each other’s development as well”. Anna – Parent Testimonial

“I have worked with Get Into Guitar on a number of occasions with children who have a high level of need. These children are either autistic or profoundly deaf. On each occasion nothing has ever been too much for the teacher. He has always made each lesson accessible for the child with clear communication to school staff. These children have a place in music lessons where they feel confident, and are able to learn a new skill, all whilst having fun with their peers!” Nicola – Pastoral Support Teacher

Using an intelligently designed Get Into Guitar curriculum that drives real progress, we differentiate lessons to teach current music, theme tunes and classic songs. Moreover we plan performances for the children and offer exciting variety in our lessons, sometimes writing our own songs, or using online learning applications and Xbox guitar software. Students also take part in our Battle Of The Bands competition and are encouraged to take part in our solo competitions which offer great prizes for the most improved players.

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