The Online Guitar Groups usually consist of 2 activities followed by a fun group game.


These are aimed at students of all musical abilities, from complete beginner to experienced player. These groups are run for children and teenagers. Students can learn alongside siblings, parents, grandparents, friends etc.



We teach using the Zoom app. It’s user friendly and really is great to teach and learn on.



The Online Guitar Groups cover:

– Learning various styles of music (Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Reggae, Dance, Classical etc).
– Learning music selected by the students.
– Playing well known tunes on just 1 string up to using all 6 strings.
– Strumming simple to more advanced open chords.
– Learning to use all fingers on the fretting hand.
– Finger picking/Using a pick.
– Reading guitar tablature and tuning the guitar.
– Writing our own songs.
– Working on recognised guitar grades.



These groups take place online so students can access them from home or wherever else they may be.



Currently these groups take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 – 6:40pm.



Please get in touch to find out our latest prices.

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Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School


Online Student


Online Student